The Ramzan meat trail, Mumbai

RamzanMeat lover? Gourmet? Adventurous eater? Then you should not miss the Ramzans trail at Bombay – the exotic labyrinth of roads dotted with shops selling out of the world kebabs, bhuna muttons aand meat stuffed parathas. Rounded up by phirnis and rashmalais. The shops are usually there all year around but they step up the variety during Ramzaan. And there are some that are exclusively set up during this period.

Ramzan 2Trail 1: Muhammad Ali Road, Minara Masjid

Or Khao gali as this place is more fondly known. You have to be a braveheart if you have to eat here. For the shops are in open air, the road is crowded and slippery in the Mumbai monsoon. But it is the chaos that adds to the charm. The air is thick with the aroma of barbecued meat.  Start with the hot chicken soup at Bade Miyas outlet- they set this up exclusively during Ramdaan. Follow up with baida roti and mutton bhuna at Marhaba. Try kebabs at one of the outlets on the main road, they don’t make tangdi kebabs like this anywhere in the world. Finally round it up with keshar phirni and rashmalai at Sulaiman sweets


Trail 2: Bohri Moholla

The Bohri moholla, around the Bohra Masjid, Churni Road steps up the ante for non-vegetarian dishes by several notches. The must have in Bohri Mohalla is the bara handi, twelve pots containing thick gravies of different hues which simmer for hours. Round up your feast with sweet  delights such as malpua, firni hand-churned sitaphal ice cream.




KhichdaTrail 3: Miscellaneous

Eat at Bade Miyan at Colaba . The place is a major crowd puller throughout the year but they bring out more delicacies during Ramzan

Try the khichda at Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Durbar opposite St Michael’s Church, Mahim. This 1,000-year-old dish that has its origins in Arabian cuisine.

Khichda is made from meat, wheat, pulses, milk, saffron and spices, all these ingredients are heated over wood fire for as long as 12 hours over. It is a must have dish.



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2 comments on “The Ramzan meat trail, Mumbai
  1. Trail 1
    Chinese and Grill – Bheja Gurda Mix Tawa Fry and Nalli nihaari are must haves. Goes down well with their soft roomalis or the gargantuan tandoori rotis.
    Parathe halwe waala – Bang opposite Bar-b-que, a piece of paratha (which is actually a huge deep fried puri) with super sweet red rawa halwa (sheera) is sold by weight. Really good esp if you have a sweet tooth.
    Sulaiman sweets – Shahi tukda and Malpuas are good too. And rabri is a special item served occasionally that is pretty awesome.

    Trail 2
    Bar-b-que corner – Beef kabab and kheeri (cow udders) kabab are the must haves
    Delhi Pulao – Sold from vessels literally placed on the street, huge chunks of beef with flavoured rice that is very easy on the pocket.
    Haleem – again served out of pots on the road, you can get a wide variety right from hyderabadi to mumbai style.
    Taj Ice Cream – Home made ice cream using a process largely unchanged over last 150 odd years.
    Tawakkal – awesome malpuas and multi flavoured malai

    Trail 3
    Noor Mohammadi – Home to the famous Sanju Baba chicken. Nalli nihaari and bheja fry are superb too

  2. @SidKumarSingh Great information. Thank you.

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